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Unleashing creativity with technology and innovation

Our Extended Reality stage is optimal for all sorts of productions and events. Our technologies are carefully orchestrated and built upon Unreal Engine to unleash the possibilities that real-time technologies and extended reality can offer.

We’ve partnered with and implemented industry-leading technology brands, ensuring we got the tools to bring world-class quality productions to the region.

The region’s premier XR studio

XR Stage

Combining industry-leading devices, we ensure that the complete workflow guarantees the best results and maximum flexibility and features to realize our clients’ creative vision. Our high-quality LED from AOTO, with small pixel pitch, high refresh rate, and one of the best color bit-depths in the industry, is driven by award-winning LED processor Brompton SX40. This ensures color reliability and the best relationship with the camera to capture accurate images with a realistic effect.

Robotic motion control, fast and precise

BOLT high-speed camera robot, the fastest of its kind, captures images in crisp focus that would be impossible by hand or any other method. It moves from a standstill to full high-speed motion and back to a complete stop in fractions of a second. This technology gives us exceptional command over camera movement with pinpoint accuracy. Coupled with our XR stage, anything is possible.
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Our cinema robotics

Pro-grade cameras

Ultra slow-motion

Cooke cine-lenses

Motion tracking with OptiTrack & MRMC

Motion tracking


disguise media servers