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Legendary Action Director Yuen Woo Ping Visits Votion Studios at FILMART Virtual Production Showcase

Hong Kong, March 12, 2024 — Votion Studios, Hong Kong’s pioneer in extended reality (XR) and virtual production (VP), announces the visit of legendary action director Mr. Yuen Woo Ping to their VP showcase at this year’s FILMART, Asia’s largest entertainment content marketplace.


From the early days with “Snake in Eagle’s Shadow” to the breathtaking “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Mr. Yuen has been the creative force behind some of the most unforgettable moments in action cinema. His dynamic directorial hand has guided action luminaries such as Jackie Chan, Keanu Reeves, and Donnie Yen. Mr. Yuen’s own portrayal of a martial arts guru in “Kung Fu Hustle” further cemented his legacy as a master of the genre and a beloved figure among fans and peers alike.

His storied career extends beyond these roles, having worked with other martial arts icons like Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh. Mr. Yuen’s choreographic genius has been sought after in Hollywood, leading to his influential role in shaping the kinetic aesthetics of “The Matrix” and the “Kill Bill” series. His work has not only defined a genre but has also been instrumental in the cross-cultural exchange of action choreography.

During his visit to Votion Studios, Mr. Yuen explored the latest in virtual production technology, which is set to revolutionize the way martial arts and action sequences are brought to life on screen. His engagement with these advanced tools is a significant endorsement of the industry’s future direction.

“Mr. Yuen shared his support of technology companies in the region, such as AOTO, the leading global LED manufacturer, and Votion Studios, Hong Kong’s premier XR/Virtual Production studio. His new technology company, ‘Action Lab,’ is positioned as the next-generation technology and content production company, including virtual production,” said Mark Siu, Chief Innovation Officer of Action Lab.

“The opportunity to host Master Yuen Woo Ping at our FILMART virtual production showcase is a true privilege. His visionary work and mentorship of action stars like Jackie Chan, Keanu Reeves, and Donnie Yen represent the pinnacle of cinematic action. His exploratory spirit in embracing new technologies aligns perfectly with Votion Studios’ mission to break new ground in Hong Kong and redefine the possibilities of visual storytelling,” said Roger Proeis, Co-founder and CEO of Votion Studios.

Votion Studios is honored to share its cutting-edge platform with a cinematic legend and invites FILMART attendees to witness the merging of traditional filmmaking with the latest in virtual production.

For more information about Votion Studios and their innovative contributions to the creative industry in Hong Kong, please visit the Votion Studios website.



About Votion Studios
Votion Studios is Hong Kong’s premier studio specializing in XR and Virtual Production. Their purpose-built studio facility is designed to cater to the evolving needs of professional content creators, providing them with advanced technology, creative services, and a professional in-house team. Votion Studios is committed to driving innovation and excellence in the film and entertainment industry.

About Mr. Yuen Woo Ping
Mr. Yuen Woo Ping is a highly respected figure and a true legend in world-class action movie scenes. His direction and choreography have been pivotal in the careers of renowned actors like Jackie Chan, Keanu Reeves, and Donnie Yen. Mr. Yuen’s influence extends globally, marking his indelible impact on both Eastern and Western cinema.

FILMART, organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is Asia’s leading film and entertainment market. The event convenes industry professionals from across the globe to network, partake in screenings, and engage with the latest advancements in film production and distribution.